Friday, April 22, 2011

On my way back home

Cool Bridge


Double Trouble


My New Ride

The Chattahoochee River

The Way We Need To Wake Up Everyday

A lot has happened in the past month that has changed my outlook on life and whats important. I was a little lost this past year because of some changes in my life. Everything from career and not having certain people in my life that were once the most important at one point. I depended on them and other things in my life to keep me sane. I recently got in a accident that changed my self-destructive look on life. I'm not saying I was reckless but I know I didn't have my priorities straight and was living life to its fullest potential. Now I appreciate everything that I am blessed with and am not looking back on what used to be and looking forward to today and what is yet to come. I know this is a little personal and kind of random but just wanted to update on whats has been going on and why I havent been blogging. Here I have some pictures of the river, one of my favorite places to unwind. Happy Friday!